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This picture presents a creative and interesting scene. Against a pure white background, a uniquely shaped pear caught all the attention. This pear is wearing a wrinkled vest with a unique design, and the wrinkled texture adds a touch of liveliness and realism to the entire shape. The color of the vest echoes the green of the pear, creating a harmonious aesthetic. What's even more eye-catching is that the pear reveals a part similar to a human belly, fair and smooth, forming a sharp contrast with the surrounding green and gray background. At the waist, a delicate belt is tightly tied, serving both decorative purposes and highlighting the pear's "waist" lines, making the entire shape more complete and three-dimensional. The existence of the belt not only emphasizes the unique design of the pear, but also adds a touch of fashion. --cref --cw 100 --ar 3:4 --v 6.0


这张图片呈现了一个充满创意与趣味性的画面。在纯白的背景下,一个形状独特的梨子吸引了所有的目光。 这颗梨子身穿起皱的背心,设计别致,褶皱的纹理为整个造型增添了一丝生动和真实感。背心的颜色与梨子的绿色相呼应,营造出一种和谐的美感。更引人瞩目的是,梨子露出了类似人类肚皮的部位,白皙且光滑,与周围的绿色和灰色背景形成鲜明对比。 在腰部,一条精致的皮带紧紧地扎着,既起到了装饰作用,又凸显了梨子的“腰部”线条,使整个造型更加完整和立体。皮带的存在,不仅强调了梨子的独特设计,也增添了一丝时尚感。

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