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This picture is really unique and interesting. In the center of the picture, there is a green White Pearl with no hands or feet, full and round, revealing a bulging light white belly that is different from a pear, full and elastic. This pear has a pair of shorts with a belt on its body, making the entire image more vivid and vivid. Its entire body seems to be concentrated on that bulging belly, giving people a sense of both comical and cute. --no Shape of hands, legs and face --ar 3:4 --v 6.0


这张图片真的非常独特和有趣,图片中心地上是一个没有手没有脚饱满圆润的绿色White Pear,露出和梨子不一样的鼓鼓浅白色肚皮,饱满而富有弹性。这个梨子身上有一件有皮带的短裤,使得整个形象更加鲜明和生动。它的整个身体似乎都集中在了那个鼓鼓的肚皮,给人一种既滑稽又可爱的感觉。

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