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A three-dimensional cartoon image presented against a clean background. It has a round head with an orange red headband, a large head and a small body. Its feet are in the shape of an external figure eight, and its hands naturally hang on the sides of its body. The chest is decorated with the letters VI in red and blue gradient colors. These VIs are combined and display exquisite luster, giving it a three-dimensional feeling. The body is blue, the head has white highlights, white bangs, white skin, big eyes, and blue black eyes that sparkle. Carrying a dark blue backpack on the back, equipped with dark blue backpack shoulder straps. The cheeks are smeared with pink powder blusher, the mouth presents a V-shaped smile, the lips are blue and red in a horizontal gradient, the eyebrows are thick and short in black, and the eyebrows are drooping. The overall style is in line with POPMART's design style, as if it were a physical model or blind box toy under lighting. Short limbs. --ar 1:1 --v 5.2



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