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In a solemn conference hall, a landmark moment in American history is permanently engraved on the canvas: the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Nouns: great leaders, historic documents, conference tables, classical architecture, the light of freedom. Adjectives: Exciting, solemn, historic, sacred, and uplifting. The visual style combines the meticulous historical depiction of John Trumble and the epic scene composition of Thomas Cole to present this exciting moment. In the conference hall, the great leaders solemnly surrounded the conference table, holding feather pens, and standing in front of the tokens and manuscripts in awe. The magnificent light and shadow of classical architecture reflect this historic moment deeply and solemnly. Ray tracing technology creates an illusion of freedom, illuminating the face of every signer. Showcasing the intersection between leaders' pen tips and paper from a macro to medium perspective, capturing the determination and belief flickering in their eyes. The entire scene is filled with a sense of history and a spirit of freedom, presented through delicate visuals, showcasing the precious significance of this eternal moment.,Gil Kane::3 --ar 3:2 --v 6.0


在一间庄严的会议厅里,美国历史上标志性的时刻被永久地镌刻在画布上:《独立宣言》的签署。名词:伟大的领袖们、历史性文件、会议桌、古典建筑、自由之光。形容词:激动人心的、庄重的、历史性的、神圣的、振奋人心的。画面风格融合了约翰·特朗布尔的细致历史描绘和托马斯·科尔的史诗般场景构图,以呈现这一激动人心的时刻。会议厅内,伟大领袖们庄严肃穆地环绕着会议桌,手持羽毛笔,信物文稿前让人肃然起敬。古典建筑的壮丽光影将这片历史性瞬间映衬得深沉而庄严。光线追踪技术营造出幻化自由之光的效果,照亮每一位签署者的面庞。从中微距视角展示领袖们笔尖与纸张间的交汇,捕捉到他们眼中闪烁的决心和信念。整个场景充满着历史感与自由精神,通过细腻的画面呈现,展现出这个永恒时刻的珍贵意义。,Gil Kane::3

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