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A glass bottle shaped like the upper body of a muscular man, with the mouth of the bottle shaped like a human head (front view) and the handle shaped like a human hand (details). The transparent bottle body blends luxury and natural style, and the front of the bottle is decorated with the "AAA" logo. The background is a huge snowy mountain in the distance, cleverly using light and extreme rendering technology to create a transparent luster, truly displaying product details and color saturation in the shooting style. --ar 1:1 --niji 6


健美男人上半身造型的玻璃瓶,玻璃瓶口的造型是人的脑袋(正面视角),玻璃瓶把手的造型是人的双手(细节),透明瓶身,融合奢华与自然格调,瓶子正面饰以“AAA”标识, 背景是远处巨大的雪山,巧妙运用光线和极致的渲染技术,创造出透明光泽,真实显示产品细节和色彩饱和度的拍摄风格。

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