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A grand view, pure scene, with a half exposed bunker shaped arsenal in the foreground. From a top-down perspective, there is no need for the appearance of characters. The unknown territory and harsh environment in the space are accompanied by sky and earth fractures. Various spherical objects of different sizes and materials are suspended in the air, accompanied by lightning, making the space even more open. The sky is dim,,Futurism,unreal engine 5,high resolution,Cyberpunk,Futurism,Dune Style --no Unpleasing composition, celestial objects, humans, cables, water, density, grass, --ar 2:3 --v 6.0


宏大的景,纯场景,前景为露出半截的碉堡形状兵工厂,俯视视角,不需要人物的出现,未知领域,空间内环境恶劣,伴随着天崩地裂,空中悬浮着大小各异,各种材质的球型物体,周围伴有闪电,空间更加的开阔,天空为昏暗的,,Futurism,unreal engine 5,high resolution,Cyberpunk,Futurism,Dune Style

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