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A red faced muscovy duck, given a personified image, is displayed in front of its entire body. Behind him crossed a gun and a pen, held high like a flag. The entire picture is concise and clear, with a pure white background that highlights the main subject. This image is full of symbolic meaning, symbolizing the combination of power and wisdom, displaying a strong and unique visual effect.,Dave Perillo --ar 1:1 --niji 6


一只红面番鸭,被赋予擬人的形象,全身正面展示。背后交叉着一支枪和一支笔,犹如旗帜般高举。整个画面简洁明了,背景纯白,突出主体。这幅图像充满象征意味,寓意着力量与智慧的结合,展现出强烈而独特的视觉效果。,Dave Perillo

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