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An ancient water vessel carrying a group of quiet cows and sheep, sparkling bronze vessels, soft silk, and crystal clear salt blocks. The boatman stood at the stern of the ship, paddling with oars in his hand, splashing with water and sparkling with ripples. Surrounded by green mountains and towering ancient trees, an ancient city can be seen in the distance, with flags fluttering on the city walls. A few white clouds float in the sky, and under the sunset, the entire scene appears peaceful and peaceful.,game ui::1 --ar 4:3 --niji 6


一艘古代水上船只,载着一群安静的牛羊和闪闪发光的青铜器、柔软的丝绸以及晶莹剔透的盐块。船夫站在船尾,手握浆划水,水花飞溅,波光粼粼。周围是青山环抱,古树参天,远处可见一座古老的城市,城墙上旗帜飘扬。天空中飘着几朵白云,夕阳照耀下,整个场景显得宁静而祥和。,game ui::1

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