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Help me generate a visual image of the main exhibition for my graduation project. The theme is that the future has arrived. The content of the picture is a stunning scene that we see in the world that has already arrived in the future. In this scene, a real young college student stands face to face with an advanced AI virtual human, as if engaged in a dialogue that transcends time and space. Real humans, dressed in simple clothing, exude determination and curiosity in their eyes. His hands gently rested on his waist, as if ready to face the challenge of AI virtual humans at any time. His face was resolute, and his eyebrows revealed wisdom and courage, as if he was ready to face various challenges in the future. The AI virtual human standing opposite him is a highly realistic image. The body has technological elements flowing, its delicate face, smooth and delicate skin, as if it is no different from real humans. Its eyes flickered with light, as if pondering how to better interact with humans. Its hands also seem to have a sense of realism and can flexibly make various movements. In this scene, the boundary between real humans and AI virtual humans has become blurred. They stood face to face, as if exploring the possibilities of the future together. Their eyes met, as if exchanging thoughts and emotions with each other. Modern style, technology, future --ar 4:3 --v 6.0


帮我生成一幅毕业设计作品展主视觉图。主题是未来已至。画面内容是在未来已经到来的世界中,我们看到了一幅震撼人心的画面。在这幅画面中,一个真实的年轻大学生与一个先进的AI虚拟人面对面地站着,仿佛正在进行一场跨越时空的对话。真实的人类,身着简洁的服装,眼神中透露出坚定与好奇。他的双手轻轻搭在腰间,仿佛在随时准备迎接AI虚拟人的挑战。他的面容刚毅,眉宇间透露着智慧与勇气,仿佛已经准备好面对未来的种种挑战。而站在他对面的AI虚拟人,则是一副高度逼真的形象。身体有科技元素流动,它的面容精致,皮肤光滑细腻,仿佛与真实的人类无异。它的眼睛闪烁着光芒,仿佛在思考着如何更好地与人类进行互动。它的双手也仿佛具有真实感,可以灵活地做出各种动作。 在这个画面中,真实的人类与AI虚拟人之间的界限已经变得模糊。他们面对面地站着,仿佛正在共同探索着未来的可能性。他们的眼神交汇在一起,仿佛在交流着彼此的思想与情感。现代风格,科技,未来

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