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A clothing design picture with a future theme. In this picture, a model wearing a silver jumpsuit stands on a smooth metal floor, surrounded by flashing neon lights and streamlined buildings suspended in the air. The jumpsuit on her body is made of transparent material, filled with blue fluorescent lines and glowing decorations, as if it is a fashionable product from another planet. She wore a glowing helmet on her head, and her eyes emitted a mysterious blue light. The overall design is both futuristic and cyberpunk, showcasing the perfect combination of avant-garde, science fiction, and fashion. --ar 1:2 --v 6.0


一幅未来主题的服装设计图。在这幅图中,一位穿着银色连体衣的模特站在光滑的金属地板上,周围是闪烁的霓虹灯和悬浮在空中的流线型建筑。她身上的连体衣由透明材质制成,布满蓝色荧光线条和发光装饰,仿佛是来自另一个星球的时尚产物。她头戴一个发光的头盔,眼睛透出神秘的蓝光。整体设计既 futurism 又 cyberpunk,展现出前卫、科幻和时尚的完美结合。

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