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A youthful scene, on campus, a student flying a kite. The only visible element in the upper part is a colorful kite soaring under the blue sky and white clouds, while the lower part is a bustling campus scene with backpacks and basketball scattered on the lawn. Students are running and playing on the playground in school uniforms, with a tall teaching building and green trees in the background. The overall picture is full of vitality and sunshine, showcasing a joyful scene of youth and campus life.,Rachel Morrison,Lomography Color 100 --ar 9:16 --v 6.0 --style raw


一个青春洋溢的画面,在校园里,一位学生放风筝。上半部分清晰可见的元素只有一只色彩缤纷的风筝在蓝天白云下翱翔,而下半部分是熙熙攘攘的校园景象,草坪上散落着书包和篮球,学生们穿着校服在操场奔跑嬉戏,背景有高大的教学楼和苍翠的树木。整体画面充满了活力和阳光,展现出青春朝气和校园生活的欢乐场景。,Rachel Morrison,Lomography Color 100

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