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On a snowy day, a little girl sat by the window, her eyes sparkling with longing and anticipation. She gazed into the distance, as if waiting for a wonderful adventure. The sunlight shone through the window on her face, and the gentle breeze brushed against her long hair, making her look more innocent and determined. There is an endless power in her eyes, which makes people feel the deep longing and indomitable will for the future in her heart.,Ray Metzker::60 --cref --cw 100 --ar 3:2 --v 6.0


下雪的天,一个小女孩坐在窗前,她的眼睛闪烁着渴望和期待的光芒。她眺望着远方,仿佛在等待着一场奇妙的冒险。阳光透过窗户洒在她的脸上,微风轻拂着她的长发,让她看起来更加纯真而又坚定。她的眼神里有一种无尽的力量,它让人感受到她内心深处对未来的美好憧憬和不屈的意志。,Ray Metzker::60

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