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In this image, we see the scene of Fukushima nuclear wastewater pouring into the sea. The blue sea stretches into the distance, blending with the sky. The surface of the sea is undulating, gently lapping against the shore. Near the Fukushima nuclear power plant, a huge pipeline injects the liquid mixed with nuclear wastewater into the ocean. This sewage appears faintly fluorescent green under the sunlight, causing unease. In this scene, we can see some subtle details. Fish swim in the nuclear wastewater, shimmering with eerie luminescence, as if from an unknown world. Seabirds hover above, trying to capture the peculiar smell rising from the water. In the distance, a small fishing boat is working hard, showing their confusion and concerns about the nuclear wastewater issue. This painting brings us deep thoughts. It presents the harsh reality of an environment polluted by human activities, prompting us to think about how to deal with the complex problem of nuclear wastewater. Through this image, we should realize the importance of protecting marine ecosystems and the role each of us can play in reducing negative impacts on the environment. --ar 1:2 --style raw --v 5.2


在这幅图像中,我们看到了福岛核废水倾泻进大海的场景。蓝色的大海延伸到远处,与天空融为一体。海面上波澜起伏,轻轻拍打着岸边的沙滩。从福岛核电站附近,一条巨大的管道将混合着核废水的液体注入到海洋中。这些污水在阳光下呈现出微弱的荧光绿色,令人心生不安。 在这个场景中,我们可以看到一些细微的细节。鱼儿游弋在核废水中,它们身上闪烁着诡异的发光,仿佛来自未知的世界。海鸟盘旋在上方,试图捕捉从水中升起的奇特气味。远处,一个小渔船正在努力工作,他们面对核废水问题时的困惑和担忧感可见一斑。 这幅画带给我们深思。它呈现出被人类活动污染的环境现实,激发我们思考如何处理核废水的复杂问题。通过这个图像,我们应该意识到保护海洋生态系统的重要性,以及我们每个人在减少对环境的负面影响方面所能扮演的角色。 --ar 1:2 --style raw --v 5.2

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