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In this magical forest, a cubic packaging box reveals its magic. The box is made of rich emerald green paper, as if it comes from nature itself. The paper is adorned with lifelike trees, tall and lush, seemingly hiding countless secrets. Every side of the box is filled with vibrant details: on one side, you can see soft clouds dancing between the treetops; on another side, colorful flowers and enchanting butterflies are presented; yet another side depicts cheerful little animals frolicking on the grass. When you open the box, you will be drawn to a miniature forest, with its lush trees, flowing streams, and fresh air right before your eyes. This packaging box not only provides protection for your belongings, but also pays tribute to nature and invites exploration. --ar 1:1 --style raw --v 5.2 --s 50


在这个神奇的森林里,一个立方体的包装盒展现出它的魔力。包装盒由浓郁的翠绿色纸张制成,仿佛是来自大自然本身。纸上绘有栩栩如生的树木,它们高大而茂密,似乎隐藏着无数秘密。盒子的每一个面都充满了生机勃勃的细节:在一面,你可以看到树冠间飘舞的轻柔云雾;另一面则呈现出五彩斑斓的花朵和迷人的蝴蝶;还有一面则描绘了欢快的小动物们在草地上嬉戏。当你打开盒子,你会被一个微型森林所吸引,它繁茂的树木、流淌的小溪以及清新的空气仿佛就在眼前。这个包装盒带给你的不仅仅是物品的保护,更是对大自然的礼赞和探索的邀请。 --ar 1:1 --style raw --v 5.2

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