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On a charming and mysterious night, a house stood on the edge of a meadow, emitting a faint and warm glow. This house looked like it came straight out of a fairy tale, with its exterior adorned with intricate patterns and delicate carvings, as if exuding ancient and magical powers. Soft light shone through the windows of the house, revealing a spacious and comfortable interior. A grapevine climbed up the eaves, like a vibrant green rope, adding a touch of natural atmosphere to the entire house. The surrounding garden was filled with various strange and beautiful flowers, emitting a captivating fragrance, as if telling endless stories to the distance. A small stream flowed by the house, with tiny fluorescent organisms floating on the water's surface, making this place even more mysterious and enchanting. The door of the house was wide open, inviting anyone passing by to enter. Stepping inside, you would discover that everything here was beyond imagination. The walls were adorned with paintings and photographs, each piece filled with vivid colors and rich details. The furniture was made of peculiar materials, each with its own unique shape, seemingly possessing its own soul. Looking out through the windows, you would see a mist-covered forest, with towering trees that seemed to hide countless secrets and miracles. In this house, time seemed to stand still, thoughts danced freely, and all dreams and fantasies could be nurtured and realized here. It was a place that intoxicated people, allowing them to experience the intertwining of reality and illusion, making them believe that miracles do exist in this world. --no 不要出现人物 --ar 3:4 --style raw --v 5.2


在一个迷人而神秘的夜晚,一座房子矗立在草原边缘,散发着微弱而温暖的光芒。这座房子看起来像是从童话故事中走出来的,它的外墙装饰着精巧的花纹和细腻的雕刻,仿佛散发着古老而神奇的魔力。房子的窗户透出柔和的灯光,透过窗户可以看到宽敞而舒适的内部空间。一根葡萄藤攀附在屋檐上,如同一条生机勃勃的绿色绳索,为整座房子增添了几分自然的气息。 周围的花园里开满了各种奇异而美丽的花朵,它们散发出迷人的香气,仿佛在向远方诉说着无尽的故事。一道小溪从房子旁边流过,水面上漂浮着微小的荧光生物,让这个地方显得更加神秘而迷人。 房子的门敞开着,邀请着所有经过的人进入。踏入房子内部,你会发现这里的一切都超乎想象。墙壁上挂满了绘画和照片,每一幅作品都充满着生动的色彩和丰富的细节。家具是由奇特的材料制成,形状各异,似乎有自己的灵魂。 透过窗户望出去,你会看到一座迷雾笼罩的森林,树木高耸入云,仿佛隐藏着无数秘密和奇迹。在这座房子里,时间似乎静止,思绪飞舞,所有的梦想和幻想都能在这里得到滋养和实现。这是一个让人沉醉其中的地方,让你感受到真实与幻境的交织,让你相信奇迹确实存在于这个世界之中。 --no 不要出现人物 --ar 3:4 --style raw --v 5.2

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